Safe surveillance system with no fear of GDPR

Did you know?

  • In 2020 alone, Polish entrepreneurs paid the total of PLN 3,419,962 in fines for breaking the provisions of GDPR.
  • Disclosure of surveillance system recordings with images of people may constitute a reason for fine imposition.
  • Some institutions have to disclose their recordings even more than ten times a month.

Don’t take chances. Check out Anonym_

Anonym is the only device available on the market that solves the problem of anonymisation of individuals on surveillance system recordings, once and for all. This AI solution automatically hides faces of individuals who do not have to be visible on the footage and helps you to make sure that you provide third parties with recordings fully compliant with GDPR.

How does Anonym_™ work?

All you need is a computer with an internet browser, and you can make the most of Anonym_™

Step 1

Connect Anonym to your internal network.

Step 2

Upload the footage you want to anonymise through your internet browser.

Step 3

Isolate faces you want to remain visible.

Step 4

Download a ready recording, perfectly safe and in line with the GDPR provisions.



Receive your Anonym_ device for a 14-day free trial period!

See how it works

Anonym_™ stands for:


The device is compact and portable, so it can be used in any location.

Easy use

Anonym can be successfully used by anyone, even individuals with no technical skills.

Speedy operation

Footage anonymisation will take no longer than watching the footage itself. You select the part you need, after a few minutes you send a ready file, and you quickly forget the entire process.

Accuracy and effectiveness

Anonym works great even with videos featuring crowds of people. If you worry your footages will require costly or time-consuming corrections – don’t. You can easily adjust the blurring sensitivity in the settings, if needed.

Simple installation

You can configure the device yourself with no hassle – just follow the user manual provided with the device.


The device operates fully offline, hence there is no risk your data will be stolen by hackers. The device is connected to the network, so it operates online in the internet browser.

Where Anonym_™ will work?

Literally… wherever there is a surveillance system.

Office buildings
Large workplaces
State administration bodies
Shopping malls
Filling stations
Car parks
Railway stations

What will you gain?


Surveillance with no risks

With Anonym, you can be sure that all your recordings will be 100% GDPR compliant. You will say goodbye to the risk of paying enormous fines for disclosing someone’s image in your footage, once and for all.


Saving money

Never again will you have to employ specialists nor purchase expensive video editing equipment. With Anonym, you pay only once, and you can edit a limitless number of recordings for many years.


Saving time

With Anonym, you will not have to spend long hours blurring hundreds of faces. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, you will prepare professional footages in a matter of minutes. This will save your precious time, which you can spend contacting your customers and developing your business.

Anonym is the only device available on the market which enables to prepare 100% GDPR compliant footages – quickly and easily. It is a one-off lifetime investment, which will give you peace of mind to run your business with no fear of GDPR for many years.

Free yourself from the risk of financial consequences – now.

Order Anonym_™ now!


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