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Today, our world runs on data. It’s everywhere–in our homes, our companies, in our mobile devices. It shapes our world
and the way our companies work, even though we don’t always realize this. We believe that organizations that
understand data and utilize it–win. And that’s why you have us–to win the market.

Data is the new oil.

Clive Humby

Data Science

Data science is stricly connected to artifical intelligence. Its essence is to help in understanding and using data (Big Data). All modern artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and applications are data-driven, and we know how to use them!

Deep Learning

We build advanced DL models
designed to perform
complicated tasks without
human assistance.

Churn/Risk Estimation

We help you assess churn/risk levels so that your company can accurately predict future sales.

Recommendation systems

Product recommendations
are now a must-have. We
build advanced personalized recommendation systems
that help you sell more.

forecasting and
failure prediction

Crystal balls don’t tell the future, data do. We introduce advanced forecasting and prediction models to your company so that you can plan your expansion.

Understanding human language

NLP applications and algorithms are designed to read, understand, and learn from human language content, both written and spoken. Our applications also translate text to speech and speech to text.

Sentiment Analysis

It’s crucial when it comes to your marketing activity and online opinions. With our help, you will find out what people really think about your brand or product.

Chatbots and
voice assistants

The modern consumer
requires 24/7, instant
communication. With
chatbots and voice assistants, you can provide them with such assistance without needing to hire more people.

Intelligent applications

We build NLP applications designed to read, understand and derive meaning from human language, both written and spoken. We build applications and programs that translate text from/to speech.


Clevell offers comprehensive support with data storage and integration. With our help, big data you
possess is always readily available for any project.


The ETL processes are necessary to store big data in an effective and optimized way.

Cloud Migrations

Cloud computing becomes a standard solution. We help you migrate your data and infrastructure into the cloud, which is the safest and most cost-effective solution.

Data Lakes

They allow you to store big data in its raw format. Unlike data warehouses, they are more flexible and adjusted to various needs.


When your data is anonymized, it does not fall within the GDPR regulation scope and becomes significantly easier to use.


Data Quality

We help you keep big data tidy and clean so that it’s always useful and optimized. After all, it’s the quality of what you do that matters!


Clevell One device is a great example of cutting-edge computer vision.
With us, you have access to:

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is based on detecting, locating, and
identifying human faces in images and videos. Currently, it’s the quickest and seamless process for customers/visitors verification.

Age / Gender / Mood

Today, thanks to the analysis and comparison of patterns based on each person’s facial details, you can assess their age, gender, and even mood!
Marketing-wise, it’s priceless knowledge.

People tracking

The people tracking service allows you to verify and monitor the way people move and behave in your store. It’s an endless source of valuable data for marketing and sales

Object Detection
and Recognition

Nowadays, security matters like it never did before. Object detection and recognition makes it accessible to acquire any suspicious object in your company or building.

Bespoke OCR

The Optical Character Recognition technique is used to extract text from images and other non-text files. In many instances, it’s a massive office work simplification and

Edge AI

We build AI applications and platforms directly connected with IoT devices. This solution allows, i.a. constant parameters monitoring and object tracking. – discover AI

AI on guard
of your safety

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