AI on guard
of your safety

Monitor core body
temperature in real time

With Clevell One, you can monitor clusters of people 24/7. Our device can monitor up to 50 people at the same time!

Amazing measuring

The error rate is just 0.1°C! Thanks to this advanced technology, no one with a high fever can slip away.

Plug & Play
simple and effective

Clevell One does not require any technical support during the installation or the calibration. Moreover, our device updates all on its own.

Cutting-edge AI-driven

The AI algorithm autonomously detects people’s heads and instantly measures the temperature in the warmest place of a given person’s head.

Detect potentially sick people

The main function of Clevell One is the measurement and detection of increased temperature in large clusters of people. The device has a built-in thermal sensor that allows you to indicate any person with a high fever–one of the main symptoms of the novel Coronavirus. With Clevell One, you can detect potentially sick people and not let them into public spaces like airports or shopping centers.


always on the lookout


of range


field of vision


measuring range

Why Clevell One?

Clevell One has a computing power higher than
the most powerful smartphones have

  • Protects against COVID-19 : Instantly indicates people with a high fever. Notifications via bounding box and sound signals
  • Works in real time; no need to stop traffic
  • Can measure up to 50 people simultaneously
  • Glasses measurement correction
  • Cutting-edge AI technology detecting people’s heads and measuring temperature
  • Contains thermal sensors, thermal camera, and depth camera
  • Encrypted transmission, protected against cyber attacks
  • Video streaming via any web browser
  • Easy to install
  • Full technical support

Usable everywhere!

Clevell One serves your safety wherever and whenever you need it. It’s designed especially for open public places with constant flow of people, as for example:

Office buildings

Large workplaces

Production plants

Public institutions



Shoping centers


Sport arenas


Railway Stations

Upon an additional request, Clevell One can be connected with your door opening system.

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Extend your device’s capabilities

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to extend the capabilities of Clevell One easily. Make AI your everyday work support and be ready for future applications, even those that are yet to come!

Elegant, high-quality design

Clevell One was designed with high quality and discretion in mind. Its minimalistic black case is made entirely out of
special aluminum alloys that perfectly dissipate heat.

  • No plastic elements
  • No flashing lights or diodes
  • No noises

Clevell One is designed for indoor use!

Lock and loaded to protect you

Clevell One comes with everything you need to set it and start working seamlessly. We send you a handy metal box that contains the complete set, instantly ready for action!

  • Clevell One device
  • Calibration template/black body (recommended product, allows you to calibrate measuring accuracy to just 0.1°C)
  • Operating procedure in case of detecting a person with high fever
  • Two tripods (one for the device and one for the black body) and two wall brackets
  • Power supply
  • User manual